I Trust In You, My Lord

Oh the mighty waves that roll

Whose whole intent is to steal my soul

And cause me to drown in the deepest depths;

But I trust in You, my Lord

Oh the storm that comes at night

Whose only purpose is to cause my sight

To look and fear at its fury and rage;

But I trust in You, my Lord

Oh how the darkness would seek to take

My heart and mind to its cruelest state

To bend me low in its servitude;

But I trust in You, my Lord

My Lord Who calms the angry seas,

Who stills the storms that rage in me,

My Lord whose light is my strength and shield;

I trust in You, my Lord

By: Renee Rowell ©2011

For Linda



2 thoughts on “Poetry

    1. Thank you so much! I wrote this for a family member who was going through a very difficult time a few years ago. I’ve referred to it many times since during personal struggles and have also been able to pass it on to others to encourage them in difficult times.


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